Careers Provision

At Westside School, we understand the importance of preparing our young people for the workforce and wider working world. Our careers provision is designed with this goal in mind. We want our students to leave school equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their future career paths.

One way we support our students beyond year 11 is through our alumni programme. This program provides ongoing support and guidance as they navigate through year 12 and beyond. By offering this continued support, we ensure that our students have access to resources and opportunities that will help them succeed in their chosen career paths. More information about our alumni programme can be found on our website.

Our impact statement reflects our commitment to linking curriculum learning to careers, particularly in STEM subjects. We believe in highlighting the relevance and application of STEM subjects in a wide range of future career paths, inspiring our students to pursue careers in these fields. Additionally, we comply with the Baker Clause, which allows colleges and training providers access to every student in Years 8 to 11. This ensures that our students are exposed to a variety of vocational pathways beyond traditional academic routes, better preparing them for their future endeavors.

Furthermore, work experience plays a crucial role in allowing young students to develop essential skills, build contacts, and explore potential career options. At Westside School, we recognize the value of work experience and aim to provide meaningful placements for our students. We are actively increasing our partnerships with organizations like SPARK Charity and other employers to ensure that each student can secure a placement that aligns with their interests and goals. Through these experiences, our students gain valuable insights into different industries and professions, helping them make more informed decisions about their future careers.


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