Curriculum Overview

At Westside School we recognise that improving the skills, knowledge and understanding of each of our students is the surest way we can positively impact their futures, and destinies.

We bring our vision to life through our curriculum and the way students experience it. Students progress through Westside learning the core content and concepts of a variety of foundation subjects that will be the bedrock for further study, and lifelong learning. They leave emotionally balanced and mature, confident that they have been taught the most important knowledge, and can identify the big ideas, whether historical or contemporary. They leave with an awareness of their own uniqueness of character and personality, of their own particular skill set and abilities, their capacity to develop and grow, and their value and worth to community and society.

Our curriculum enables our students to be personally empowered, and prepared for citizenship, and leads to them being better prepared for the world of work. They are able to make connections and links between different subjects, providing intellectual, experiential and personal coherence. They are better able to make informed choices. Our students leave Westside having developed a disciplined ‘can do’ attitude, through engagement with our reflective,  focussed and individualised curriculum, through which they come to understand and appreciate the challenges they may face in later life, and have the fortitude and hope to meet these, and the spiritual and moral resilience to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Should you require any further information please contact Kevin Browne, who is the senior member of staff with responsibility for the curriculum. His details are below:

020 750 40512

Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan 2023-2024

Year 8 Curriculum 2023-2024

Year 9 Curriculum 2023-2024

Year 10 Curriculum 2023-2024

Year 11 Curriculum 2023-2024