Westside student uniform

(Uniform expectations and guidance notes)

Westside students are encouraged to dress smartly and professionally, and to maintain the highest possible standards regarding their personal appearance. The wearing of our uniform encourages a sense of pride, as well as a sense of belonging to our community. It also eliminates any potential inequalities. Students are expected to be smartly dressed at all times, including on their journey to and from the school.

When a student is not in full uniform they will usually not be permitted to attend lessons (dependent on circumstances). In such cases students will, with parental consent, be sent home to change or, alternatively, undertake supervised work away from their learning group, until the correct uniform is brought to them, or until the student is of correct appearance. If in any doubt about the details of the uniform please contact the school. It is better to check than to rely on assurances from students which are often incorrect.

Students wearing our uniform must be on their best behaviour at all times and not bring Westside School into disrepute. The school has the legal authority to discipline students in line with our behaviour and culture for learning policy whilst they are in school uniform outside of school.

Uniform students should wear:

  • Black / Navy coat
  • White shirt with collar
  • Grey school tie (provided by the school)
  • Appropriate knee length, loose fitting black skirt or black trousers (standard school uniform type/style – not fitted or figure hugging).
  • Black V-neck jumper
  • Plain black, smart, flat shoes or ankle boots.

Students must NOT wear the following items:

  • Calf or knee-high boots, sliders, crocs, trainers, or open sandals.
  • Hoop or dangly earrings, or more than two pairs of stud earrings
  • Head wear, including caps, hats, bonnets or du-rags or hair coverings (unless as part of religious or faith requirement).
  • Hoodies, or hooded tops with branded logos.

Please note- if a student is not in the correct uniform they may be sent home to change in the morning.


P.E Kit:

  • Plain black t-shirt, polo shirt, plain black long-sleeved top. No logos               
  • Plain black shorts, sports leggings or joggers - if wearing shorts or leggings, these cannot be fitted or figure hugging (logos should be small if present)
  • Trainers - Any may be worn.  Non-Marking soles for indoor sport
  • When a student has PE that day they should come to school wearing their PE kit.
  • For health and safety reasons, no hooded tops are allowed.
  • Please note- if a student is not in the correct PE kit they may be sent home to change in the morning.

Parents/carers are responsible for communicating any reason why their child is unable to attend without appropriate uniform items, and are expected to do so preferably at least a day in advance, and definitely before the student leaves home to attend, so that arrangements can be made.