High Expectations

We know that, with the right attitude and the right support, every pupil can succeed.  It is this belief that drives everything we do at Westside.

On joining us, we are very clear with pupils what we expect of them in terms of their attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attitude to learning.  Our pupils understand what is expected of them and very quickly become re-engaged in their learning and start to thrive.  Pupils value their place here and are determined to do well.  Behaviour inside and outside of lessons is impeccable resulting in calm, focused lessons and an environment in which every pupil feels safe and comfortable.  Pupils enjoy coming to Westside and, as such, attendance is high.

‘Westside is an outstanding provision with a strong academic base and an ethos of an individually-focused nurturing environment which allows those who were previously disengaged with mainstream school to flourish.’

Local Authority