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Head's Welcome

Welcome to Westside School. We are here to provide vulnerable young people with a small nurturing and academically rigorous environment where each student can get back on track.

We provide a fresh start for a young person who has felt threatened, ignored or disengaged in mainstream education, to re-engage in education without any of the baggage from their previous school. As a tightly-knit team of experienced educators, we devote individual focus to each student that comes to us.

We provide a close support structure in which relationships with parents and carers, with fellow students and with teachers are key to building up self-esteem, learning potential and overall happiness.

Latest News
  • Year 11 Parents' Day scores 100%!

    date posted: Monday 17 Mar 2014


    Friday's Year 11 Parents' Day was a huge success, with 100% attendance from all parents/carers and students. Parents admitted to having been anxious about their child's onward progress from Westside but said that after the meeting they could really see the strides their child was making towards the GCSEs that would allow them to stay on track in education. Even more reassuring was the news that each Year 11 student has now made at least 2 college applications.

  • Playing in the House!

    date posted: Wednesday 12 Mar 2014


    Citizenship became real for Westside students yesterday, when Miss McNeish and other staff members took them for a day trip to the Houses of Parliament.  Students were given a tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as being given a history lesson about democracy in the United Kingdom and a workshop in which to ask questions and discuss issues. "It was an interesting day," said Kevin, Year 11. "The House of Lords was amazing."

  • Teaching Assistants show their praise for Westside

    date posted: Tuesday 11 Mar 2014

    A Teach First trainee teacher, who did a short two-day Teaching Assistant placement at Westside this week, has written to express her thanks and to say that she would be delighted to come back in the future.

    "I had a fantastic time," wrote Tara Stowe, from Teach First, "and the work you do with your young people is truly inspiring.  They are extremely challenging and the rules, relationships and environment you have with them is brilliant."