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Pupil Premium


Westside School is an Alternative Provision school for for students in Years 9-11 who are either permanently excluded from mainstream schools or at risk of permanent exclusion. A higher than average number of pupils have a Statement of AEN, and those without Statements are School Action Plus. There is higher than average percentage of boys, of students with EAL and students eligible for FSM. Levels of attainment upon entry to the school are average of below. 

The school received Pupil Premium funding for the first time from April 2014. The funding is provided in addition to EFA and feeder school 'top-up' fee funding and is intended to help disadvantaged pupils to 'close the gap' and to raise attainment and improve progress. In the first wave four of our pupils received Pupil Premium funding - we expect this to rise significantly from April 2015. 

Students who are eligible include:

  • Students who have been registered for Free School Meals (FSM) at any point in the last six years
  • Children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months
  • Children of armed services personnel.

The funds are used effectively, supplementing the school’s budget to provide additional support so that eligible students here can make at least the national expected progress. In the past year we have funded

  • Equipment and expenses for a charitably funded expedition, improving social and emotional skills
  • An additional Teaching Assistant to support specific needs of vulnerable students
  • A nationally accredited boxing qualification for two Year 11 students

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