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  • Westside Staff 2015

Welcome Message

Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted and honoured to be appointed as the new Headteacher for Westside School from September 2016.

This is a very special school community and family.

We provide a fresh start for young people who have felt threatened, ignored or disengaged in mainstream education. We seek to re-engage them without any of the baggage from their previous school.

Westside provides vulnerable young people with a small, nurturing and academically rigorous environment where they can get back on track.

Our students and school are supported by a tightly-knit team of experienced educators. We devote individual focus to each student that comes to us. We provide a close support structure in which relationships with parents and carers, with fellow students and with teachers are key to building up self-esteem, learning potential and overall happiness.

Our successful and happy school is founded on all parts of our community working together. 

I believe that every young person has the capacity to make a success of him or herself – and I share this belief with every member of my team, every Westside Governor, every Westside mentor and, by the end of their time at Westside, with every student.

John Reilly

Chair's Welcome

When we founded Westside, our focus was always to find a route to bring 13-16 year olds who are disengaging from mainstream education and are at risk of exclusion, back into the education system and going forward to opportunities. The school’s ethos is built on educating the whole person and preparing our students for further study, training and the world of work.

Being small and separate from any school allows Westside to be accepted by young people who have come to hate or fear the large school system. We recognize that children may have rejected aspects of their education, had an interrupted attendance record or may have misunderstood key concepts. They may have learning difficulties or may also have missed learning general social skills. For them, this has resulted in restricted opportunities for them within school and most certainly beyond.

All of us, from the dedicated staff team to the loyal and skilled board of governors, see our task as being instructors and re-engagers in an environment which is secure and calm, stimulating and safe.

Sarah Evans, Founder and Chair of Governors