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The Westside Family

The Westside Family

Our curriculum is delivered by our dedicated staff team, all of whom have, together, decades of experience working with challenging students and struggling young people. They have an excellent track record in delivering inspiring teaching to our students and pursue a culture of continuous improvement through a strong staff-training programme.

We believe that positive relationships between students and teachers are the single most important means of re-engaging disaffected students with the process of learning. The Westside model has its roots partly in the Human Scale Education Model.“small, human-scale learning communities…foster positive relationships, enabling teachers to know their students well and make possible a more holistic approach to learning.” 

Led by our inspirational Head, the Westside Team of full-time and part-time teachers, and teaching assistants possesses the following educational competencies necessary to maintain the excellence of the Westside model:

  • Relevant teaching experience combined with experience in fostering positive relationships in class and supporting struggling students to access a curriculum
  • Experience of robust curriculum design/development and teaching strategies around personalised learning, to re-engage the hard-to-reach
  • Experience of developing strong provision for students with AEN
  • Experience of a well-organised management structure for pastoral care
  • Experience of staff management and leadership
  • Experience in delivering an educational plan to budget
  • Experience in developing strong relationships with feeder schools, agencies and other potential commissioners
  • Experience in setting up and running a self-evaluation system

Teaching Assistants

At Westside we go the extra mile for our students by providing close personal support from expert and experienced teachers, ably backed up by our tight team of Teaching Assistants. For students who have often come to regard school establishments as hostile, our TAs are key to re-forming trust and re-engaging school refusers. 

Our Teaching Assistants are recruited:

  • To be a role model for the students and reflect the ethos of the school
  • To re-engage students by forming good relationships and providing individual focus
  • To assist the teacher with planning, classroom organisation, school trips, break-time activities etc
  • To support all aspects of behaviour management at the school
  • To contribute dynamically to the drive to encourage students to be independent learners

Our Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr J Reilly


Ms L Brwon Deputy Headteacher

Mr N Prempeh

Head of Inclusion/Alumni

Mr X Miller


Teaching Staff

Ms K McNeish

Head of Vocational Learning/Exams Officer

Ms S McGhee


Mr R Stanger

Motor Mechanics

Ms R Dolcy-Campbell

Reactiv8 Programme

Ms B Robin

LSA/Information & Guidance

Ms H Anglim


Mr D Clauzel


Support Staff

Mr A Prince


Mrs G Andrew

School Business Manager

Ms A Wyskok

Premises Manager

Mrs A Alam

Admin Assistant

Ms T Stewart-Bovell


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