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    After a long 3 years at Westside School, I feel relieved and triumphant about my GCSE results. I am extremely proud of myself and my achievements, and I feel really positive about my future.


     Year 11 student

    I am so happy with my GCSE results, I feel confident and proud of what I have achieved. I loved attending Westside, and I feel everything would have been really bad for me if I was not accepted into Westside.

    Year 11 student

    I feel Westside School was the best place for me, they helped me so much and I had the most amazing time attending the school. In regards to my results I have done so much better than I thought I would do, Westside has shown me that hard work does pay off.

     Year 11 student

    I am overwhelmed with the level of support that Westside offers, there is no comparison to my daughter’s old school.

    Westside Parent 

    I have just been to the first ever parents’ meeting about my son where I have come out feeling proud of him.

    Westside Parent

    This is a place where my problems are dealt with immediately. I was bullied at my last school and never went to class but here, people are friendly  and I love going to class because the teachers teach us really well and make it all interesting.

    New Westside Student 

    I soon realised that Westside is just one big, happy family. The staff make us believe that we can do anything. 

    Westside Student 

    The school manages that crucial mix of high expectations and consistent support, that good parents know helps to nurture children as confident learners. The students, in turn, are a credit to those who have given them a second chance to show what they can do.

    Visiting Professor, Oxford University Department of Education


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