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    Abdullah's Story

    I spent in total two years at Westside School. These were the best years of my academic life in regards to the education I received and the success I had. When I first attended Westside I was apprehensive as I was concerned that I would be missing out on a mainstream education but this was the contrary. Westside was a warm, loving environment with the drive that every young person can achieve regardless of how they may have ended up at Westside. This was echoed by all the staff and most importantly by us the pupils. This motivated me highly to want to be successful and achieve not just for myself but for all my teachers at Westside who had believed in me and taken the time out to ensure I would achieve. Thankfully I did and Westside opened up avenues and opportunities to me that I could only dream of before attending there. Westside has helped  mould me into the individual I am today and I will always be grateful for all the support whilst I was there and the support I receive even now.

    Diana's Story

    Diana's Story

    During my time at Westside which was over the span of 12 months, I achieved and learnt more academically  about myself as learner than I did majority of my time in mainstream education.

    I am most thankful for the staff at Westside for helping me achieve my GCSEs but also guiding me through my exams and ensuring I was prepared in every aspect. I never knew teachers would be willing to sacrifice so much to ensure that students were able to succeed. I am most grateful as the staff ensured I selected the right path at post 16 which would suit me best. A year on after leaving, I know I still can depend on Westside if I need any help or advice about my future. I would like to give a big thanks to Westside and all its staff especially Mr Prempeh.


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