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    Role of Governing Body

    Westside Academy Trust is a charitable company, with registration number 05888220. It is an exempt charity, regulated by the Secretary of State for Education. 

    The Board of Trustees of the charity is also the Board of Directors of the charitable company. 

    The Trustees/Directors are the Governing Body. The Governing Body has responsibility for the strategic direction and financial accountability of the school and meets at least four times a year. Staff and advisors attend where appropriate.

    The Trustees delegate management of the school to the Head teacher, within the restrictions of the financial delegations set out in the financial procedures manual. 

    The term of office for a Trustee is four years.

    The Role of the Governing Body is:
    Setting the strategic framework in which the school operates
    Setting long-term financial and organisational targets, promoting the Westside small-scale model, what we term mini-mainstream, with aspirational targets and individual support.
     Setting educational targets and promoting high standards of achievement
    Overseeing curriculum delivery, the quality of Teaching & Learning and monitoring achievements vs targets set.
    Management of the school budget
    Budgetary monitoring of the spending and financial performance of the school, plus the driving of fund-raising and the income gained from hiring out the school building facilities.
    Ultimate responsibility for the conduct of the school
    To be ultimately responsible for all staffing issues, disciplinary measures, policy approvals and the general good conduct of the school.
    Ensuring the safeguarding and well-being of all Westside students
    Monitoring well-being surveys, promoting links with both families and local community, and encouraging good tracking of students after they graduate.

    The Finance & General Purposes Committee meets three times a year, reporting into the Board of Trustees. Its key functions are the preparation of annual Budgets, monitoring Westside's spending and financial performance and Premises costs.

    Dominic Bolton is the Chair of this Committee.

    You can download our Articles of Association (our governing document) here

    You can download our most recent annual report and accounts here. Westside-Academy-Trust-CNo-05888220-205-6394-ye-31Aug18-Signed--Accounts.pdf

    To contact our governance adviser or to ask any questions about Westside governance, click here

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