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    Our Vision and Ethos

    Our Ethos

    Westside as a model, is based on a small, calm, caring, and individually-focused school environment. Our students realise we understand the issues that surround them and as a school body we are supportive, whilst challenging and aspirational. We aim for high standards for all. We want students to feel like members of the Westside community by giving them a voice to enable them to move forward with confidence and resilience. 

    Our Vision-We believe in these five principles

    • Principle 1:  Students who have found it difficult to thrive in mainstream will benefit from a small, stable, caring and individually focused school environment, with particular focus on behaviour, emotional health and well-being. 
    • Principle 2:  Preparing students academically and emotionally to be successful in the next stage of their lives is critical. General social skills, such as the ability to co-operate, negotiate, listen and interact positively with peers, must be nurtured.
    • Principle 3: Families are key agents for change and must be supported to play a positive role in their children’s education.
    • Principle 4: Every young person has the capacity to make a success of him or herself, and all students have the ability to sit GCSEs and should be supported to do so. They should receive a broad aspirational curriculum. 
    • Principle 5: Educational establishments should benefit the whole student. Learning opportunities should be enriched by opportunities both inside and outside of school beyond the curriculum, and with an emphasis on Fundamental British Values.
    What does this all mean?

    The Westside Vision and Ethos underpin every aspect of our Education Plan: what we believe in is demonstrated by all that we do at the school.

    Academic and vocational focus to get back on track in education – and beyond.

    “Struggling students will benefit from a small, stable, caring environment"

    Class sizes are never bigger than 8 students, each of whom has an Individual Learning Plan, with each teaching session supported by a minimum of one teacher and one teaching assistant

     “Every young person can be successful”

    Students can start from Year 7 and stay to Year 11 and sit a number of GCSE and /or vocational qualifications. 

    “General social skills must be nurtured” 

    Westside provides an enhanced curriculum, increased vocational options and a day-to-day focus on fostering social skills, manners and communication between peers and between age-groups.

     “Families are key agents for change”

    The School works hard to reach out to each individual involved in their students’ home lives. Your child will receive a school report every half term which will look at their academic, behavioural and wellbeing progress and parents are contacted frequently to discuss ways of improving students’ development.

    “Educational establishments should educate the whole student”

    As well as academic mentoring from outside supporters drawn from the professions, we offer our students a programme of extra-curricular trips designed to broaden their horizons and increase their confidence in dealing with institutions and individuals different from those in their immediate home communities.

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