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OFSTED Reports

Westside School was recently inspected by Ofsted in June 2015 and acheived a "Good" grade with many elements of outstanding: extracts of the report are listed below.  

Inspection – June 2015

This is a good school.
  •  Led by a passionate and motivational headteacher, this good academy is improving rapidly.
  •  The strong ethos and vision, shared by trustees, leaders, staff and parents, creates a solid foundation. Members of the school community refer to themselves as ‘like a family’.
  •  Students’ behaviour is outstanding as a result of high expectations and very positive relationships between staff and students.

Quality of education

  • Teachers plan lessons that engage and motivate students in their learning. They include practical examples of abstract ideas in their teaching to ensure that understanding is embedded. For example, in a computing lesson students made a smoothie. This enabled them to fully understand the computing terms of ‘input’, ‘output’, and ‘process’.
  •  The quality of teaching in English is especially effective. As a result, students’ progress in this subject is very strong. This is because teachers use carefully pinpointed questions, support staff and scaffolding techniques to ensure that all students are stretched to improve their work, whatever their level of attainment. In some other subjects, however, all students attempt the same work. This means that at times the less able do not make progress because they do not have the support they need. At other times, the most able do not make progress because they are attempting tasks that are too easy.

The Leadership and Management

  • The leadership of the headteacher is outstanding. She inspires both staff and students to achieve their best, and engenders an atmosphere of positivity and high expectations. Leaders and trustees have ensured that teaching is good, and that students make at least good progress when they join the academy, both academically and in terms of well-being.
  •  Senior leaders are fully supportive of the headteacher and the academy’s ethos. They have specific areas of responsibility for which they are held to account by both the headteacher and trustees. The depth of their knowledge and experience as leaders, however, is still developing. Therefore, they are sometimes too reliant on the headteacher to provide guidance. This small academy has not developed a team of middle leaders to take on specific responsibilities.

The behaviour and Safety of Pupils

  • The behaviour of students is outstanding. In lessons students are engaged and motivated because teachers ensure that the content of the curriculum is interesting and relevant. Students told the inspector that their attitudes to learning have significantly improved since joining the academy. This is borne out in their increased attendance, and their participation in class. They explained that this is because the teachers genuinely care and help them to mature. One Year 11 student told the inspector that he ‘owed this school my future’; such was the impact of their work in supporting him to improve his attitude.
  • The school’s work to keep students safe and secure is good.

The acheievement of pupils

  • In 2014, all students in Year 11 gained five A* to G grades at GCSE including English and mathematics. This marks a significant achievement for young people who were disconnected or disaffected from the
  •  The academy sets ambitious targets relating to student achievement and students rise to these. Classroom walls display graphical representation of the grade or level at which students are working so that, term by term, they can see how they are progressing.

The governance of the school

  • Governance of the academy is effective. Trustees have high expectations and are determined that students at the school should achieve at least as well as their peers in mainstream settings. They receive reports about the quality of teaching, and the progress of students, and ask pertinent questions about these.