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Our Governors

The Governing Body has responsibility for the strategic direction and financial accountability of the school and meets 5 times a year.  The Head and the Bursar, and an elected Senior Staff member, attend those meetings, along with other staff and advisors where appropriate.  An administrator attends to the role of Clerk to the Governors. The Governing Body refer to themselves as Trustees, and consist of the following people with expertise in different areas that serve the school’s needs, along with Parent Governors and a Governor who represents the Community.

If you would like to hear about the work done by a Parent Governor, please   click here

Reporting to the Governing Body are two Sub-Committees, made up of the Chair, dedicated Governors and staff members, each of which meet once a term and then report into the Governing Body:


Learning, Teaching and Community

Meeting 3 times a year, reporting into Full Governing Body.

Key Functions: Oversee curriculum delivery, quality of teaching & learning, achievement against targets, approval of relevant policies, Safeguarding, School-Family links, Alumni-Tracking & Support, Community Engagement, Fund-Raising.

Finance & General Purposes  

Meeting 3 times a year, reporting into Full Governing Body.

Key Functions: Preparation of annual Budgets, monitoring Westside's spending and financial performance, Premises



At Westside School, we are lucky to have a group of dedicated Governors with expertise in a wide range of areas:

  • Sarah Evans -  Chair of Trustees, Strategic and Management Expertise, Governor of Wellington Academy, Advisor to Springboard Foundation,

  • Deborah Lee Rhodes - Vice-Chair, Safeguarding Expertise, Chartered Clinical Psychologist 
  • Nick Basden – Strategic and Management Expertise

  • Dominic Bolton – Financial Expertise, Chair of Finance and General Purposes Committee

  • Mike Milner - Teaching and Learning Expertise, Chair of Achievement, Learning and Teaching Committee, Executive Principal of Wellington College Academy Trust

  • Will Orr-Ewing - Educational Expertise, CEO of Keystone Tutors


The Role of the Governing Body is:

 1. Setting the strategic framework in which the school operates Setting long-term financial and organisational targets, promoting the Westside small-scale model and ensuring a clear 'big picture'.
 2. Setting educational targets and promoting high standards of achievement Overseeing curriculum delivery, the quality of Teaching & Learning and monitoring achievements vs targets set.
 3. Management of the school budget Budgetary monitoring of the spending and financial performance of the school, plus the driving of fund-raising and the income gained from hiring out the school building facilities.
 4. Ultimate responsibility for the conduct of the school To be ultimately responsible for all staffing issues, disciplinary measures, policy approvals and the general good conduct of the school.
 5. Ensuring the safeguarding and well-being of all Westside students

Monitoring well-being surveys, promoting links with both families and local community, and encouraging good tracking of students after they graduate.

Governors Information

Full name Date of Apt Most Recent Election Term of Office Expires Date Retired Business/Pecuniary Interest Governance Roles in other Establishments Record of attendance 2014/15
Sarah Evans 26/07/06 22/09/14 22/09/18
  None Wellington Academy 5 of 5
Deborah Lee Rhodes  24/11/15 22/09/14 22/09/18   None   4 of 5
Will Orr-Ewing 01/03/12 12/03/16 12/03/20   None   4 of 5
Mike Milner 24/03/14   24/03/18   None   5 of 5
Jonathan Bryne 01/12/10 01/12/14 01/12/18 31/03/16 None   5 of 5
Dominic Bolton 16/06/14   16/06/18   None   4 of 5
Nick Basden 22/09/14   22/09/18   None   5 of 5
Stephen Griffith 05/07/16   05/07/20   None   0 of 5
Ann Keane-Maher 19/09/16   19/09/20   None    
Anita George 19/09/16   19/09/20   None   0 of 5