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For Parents & Supporters

Westside believes that families are key agents for change and must be supported to play a positive role in their children’s education. From day one of their time here at Westside, parents are encouraged, during an introductory meeting with the Head, to participate in a Home School Agreement and to work with the Head on the Individual Learning Plan. The School works hard to reach out to each individual involved in their students’ home lives, with no limit on personal communications and progress reports.

Every half-term, parents and carers are invited to participate in their child's Academic Review Day. This is not just our way of letting parents know how their child is doing but a valuable opportunity for parents to give their own feedback on how they think the school is doing. Parents too are stakeholders in the school and we encourage them to have a say.

 “I have just been to the first ever parents’ meeting about my son where I have come out feeling proud of him”
 Westside parent, March 2013

Westside cannot take referrals directly from parents, but if you feel your child is struggling in their mainstream setting, you can contact us with your child’s name and school and we can start the ball rolling with the school team or local authority/agency. Click here to start that process:


We depend on our supporters for so much. For our volunteers and Gap students, for the donations that we need to bridge the shortfall between funding of student places and cost of student places – and sometimes, just for your words of support that so often keep us going strong.

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