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  • A:Westside School, Galena House, 8-30 Galena Road, London W6 0LT

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Westside School is situated at Galena House, a large modern building just off Hammersmith’s main thoroughfare, King Street.

Our new home has facilities to rival any new-build mainstream setting:

  • large, airy sports hall
  • flexible-use dance/drama studio / assembly hall
  • dedicated fitness suite
  • dedicated ICT Suite
  • dedicated Art Wing
  • subject-specific classrooms
  • one-to-one breakout areas
  • dedicated vocational training classroom
  • Hair & Beauty vocational training salon
  • Motor Mechanics vocational garage area
  • Food Tech-appropriate, state-of-the-art kitchen
  • Designer-decorated café 

We have carefully designed the building so that we can share the facilities with our community, turning it into a flexible learning hub and local resource for any sport, worship or arts requirement. Members of the bustling local business community may like to use our ground floor café and training areas for corporate events, training days or even small conferences.

If you would be interested in using any of these areas, please visit our website click here or get in touch with our Bookings Team.

Tel. 020 8741 9057
Email: office@westsidecommunity.org.uk