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    Current Trustees

    Our current Trustees are:
    Appointed by
    Date of Appointment
    Date of Resignation
    End of Term
    Caroline Clark (CHAIR) Members 25/09/2018   25/09/2022
    Self-employed consultant.  Co-Founder and ex-Director of The Great Little Trading Company. Graduate of Columbia University School of Law. Areas of expertise: Business Development and Strategy, Legal
    Carol-Anne Alcock Ex-officio (Head teacher) 01/09/2017   N/A
    Dominic Bolton Members 16/09/2014   22/07/2022
    Chair of Finance and General Purposes Committee
    Area of Expertise: Finance
    Nicholas Basden Members 22/06/2015   25/09/2022
    Self-employed Business Consultant. MBA Harvard Business School, Ex-Director of Business Development for Starbucks
    Area of Expertise: Marketing, Business Development and Strategy/Financial Review
    Stephen Griffith Members 05/07/2016   04/07/2020
    Director Copenhagen Youth Project , Co-ordinator Herts Young Homeless Group Community Engagement
    Areas of Expertise: Youth/ Adolescent Development, Project Development and fundraising.
    Alex Hanratty Members 05/12/2016   05/12/2020
    Full-time employment with RNCF/Springboard – Deputy CEO and Director of Partner Relationships.
    Area of Expertise: Strategy, fund raising, mentoring, project management
    Christina Lyons Members 11/03/2019   10/03/2023

    A common law barrister with expertise across a broad spectrum of practice areas including child and family law, local authority liability, public law, employment law, personal injury law and criminal law. 

    Areas of expertise: Specialist advocate and litigator 

    Sarah Evans
    Members 26/07/2015   22/07/2022
    Sarah Evans is Founder of Westside School. She is also a Governor of University of Toronto Schools, and Executive Chair and Founder of Oxford Youth Lab. 
    Area of Expertise: Finance, Management Consulting, and Management of Change.
    Deborah Rhodes Members 23/11/2011   21/11/2019
    Psychologist Consultant
    Area of Expertise: Safeguarding

    Please note that parents and carers were invited to apply for positions on the Board of Trustees, but no applications were received. However, two Trustees have children of compulsory school age, which means that the requirements of Article 58 in the Trust's Articles of Association are met. 

    Retired Trustees


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