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 The school is committed to a policy of inclusion: one in which the teaching, learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all students matter – including those identified as having additional educational needs. The culture, practice, management and deployment of the school’s resources are designed to ensure all students’ needs are met.


Westside School believes that all students, regardless of ability and behaviour, are valued equally. AEN and disabled children are not viewed as a separate entity but are part of the whole school approach, and different student’s needs are recognised and met through varied and flexible provision throughout the curriculum.



              Objectives & Guiding Principles of the SEN/ Disability Policy


·         To ensure that all students, whether or not they have SEN or a disability, have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is differentiated to meet their individual needs

·         To ensure early identification, assessment and provision for any student who may have additional educational needs or a disability

·         To help every student realise his or her full potential and optimise their self-esteem

·         To enable all staff to play a part in identifying SEN students or students with a disability and to take responsibility for recognising and addressing their individual needs

·         To encourage the whole school community to demonstrate a positive attitude towards SEN and disability

·         To encourage an effective parent partnership in developing and implementing a joint learning approach at home and at school

·         To encourage and support children to participate in all decision-making processes that occur in their education i.e. their views are sought and taken into account

·         To follow the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice (0-25 years) 2014

·         To comply with the Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA) (2002)




*Additional Educational Needs includes all children experiencing barriers to learning (e.g. special educational needs SEN; family circumstances; looked after children; English as an additional language; social, emotional and behavioural difficulties).